PGC Talk by former Goldman Sachs Executive Pippa Robinson

On Monday 25th September, UC5 and SFC girls had a brilliant opportunity to learn more about CV writing from Ms Pippa Robinson, a Guild member (alumna) and former executive of Goldman Sachs Europe.

The talk introduced a more creative way of approaching a CV, including top tips in how to sell yourself, such as mentioning both your hard skills and soft skills, such as teamwork and decision-making. We were also intrigued by the level of sophistication embodied in a simple and short CV, because of its clear communication, structured layout and insightful information about the candidate. This also erased any questions we had about what information to include in a CV.

Moreover, Ms Robinson elaborated on the initial preparation stage of a CV and demonstrated the usefulness of making lists of your accomplishments and failures, as well as using more sophisticated connecting words.

The girls were enthusiastic about seeing real CV profiles at the second half of the session and were given the opportunity to select the most suitable candidate for a given job. A lot of discussions took place, as everyone was able to judge the CVs through their own perspective, using the skills just learnt from Ms Robinson, but eventually we all agreed.

However, the most important advice that everyone took with them was about factors that can lead to a poor CV, such as outdated information or lying about yourself. Ms Robinson reminded us of the serious consequences of telling lies based on her personal experience of being an interviewer, as well as some unexpected outcomes from telling the truth, even if you feel it might reduce your chances.

"Making your CV extra-long is also doomed to failure" remarked Ms Robinson, as she helped to shape our understanding of a CV as more like a candidate’s ‘business card’ rather than a ‘life story’.

This talk was extremely helpful because lots of the girls present were either applying for university or summer internships. The girls not only gained insight into CV writing, but also experienced the process of selecting the best candidate from a company's point of view. I believe that by hosting more talks like this one, alongside the indispensable help from the PGC, girls will flourish and achieve their goals.

Apple Liu (UC5)