The Top of The Bench Competition

Eleanor (UC5), Souny (UC4), Anna (LC3) and Karintha (LC3) were selected to represent CLC at the South West regional RSC 'The Top of The Bench Competition at Bristol University.

The team had the opportunity to work in the University chemistry labs, where they carried out a number of chemistry tasks and were supervised and monitored by post-graduate students. The girls worked well as a team but narrowly missed out on a place in the top three. After the work in the labs, the girls watched a presentation by Professor Tim Harrison on the gases in the atmosphere.

Mrs Bailey, Teacher of Chemistry 

This was a really exciting and fun experience. It made me feel more passionate and interested about chemistry. The experiments allowed us to work like real, grown up scientists and the talk given to all the students helped us see the fun in chemistry in everyday life. Even though we did not win, overall it was an amazing opportunity to be able to work with many keen scientists our age. It really was an experience I will never forget, and I hope to attend more in the future! Thank you so much Mrs Bailey!
- Souny (UC4)

Although the journey was long, it was definitely worth it. We worked together on two separate practical tasks, obviously enjoying the iodine clock reaction for the amazing yet sudden colour change. The 'Gases in the Atmosphere' talk was great and it was very exciting to see liquid nitrogen being splashed onto the floor in such a carefree way. Even though we did not place in the top three, it was still an amazing experience. Thank you so much to Mrs Bailey for taking us to Bristol.
- Karintha (LC3)