Trip to British Museum

On Tuesday 3rd October, UC5 and SFC2 girls studying Greek, Latin and Classical Civilisation, went to London to visit the British Museum.

The Parthenon marbles were a particular highlight, especially for girls studying them as part of their course, who were able to appreciate the various depths of carving apparent on the different types of sculpture, and to see the amazing depiction of human anatomy and drapery.

As many girls are studying the frieze, it was a wonderful opportunity to see the sculpted chariot racers, gods and goddesses and human attendants in real life. The UC5 Greek students were also excited to find another three of their visual sources, including a statuette of a running Spartan girl, which turned out to be only two inches big - much smaller than it looked in the picture!

Another room in the museum, which was very enlightening about several aspects of Greek and Roman life, presented vases, statues and objects to illustrate ancient attitudes to birth, death, marriage, women and beauty. After taking in this vast array of information about Greece and Rome, we spent our final hour examining the Egyptian room, gaining insight into another ancient culture with much influence upon and connection with the Classics.

Dr Wilkinson, Head of Classic Civilisation