Trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park

A few weeks ago, the whole of LC1 went to Cotswold Wildlife Park on a biology trip. It was one of the highlights of our year. It gave us a chance to put into action the skills that we had learnt in class.

The most recent topic we have done in class is classification. This was a good opportunity to see if we could match the characteristics of different phylum to the animals that we were looking at. In our booklets we had to put the phylum, class, order and family of three animals. This made us realise how different animals were actually related. Two birds might have the same phylum and class, but look completely different. I can now see how closely related all the organisms on earth really are.

One of our favourite parts was the fruit bat house. We saw how the bats have adapted to see well in the dark and sharpen their other senses such as hearing. It was fun to listen to the squeaks of their language, which may be as structured and complex as ours. It is amazing how their feet hold their whole body-weight aloft, whilst they are unconscious. It showed us how amazing nature is and how different species have evolved to survive in their habitat.

Another example was the penguins, which have also had adapted to have sleek feathers for swimming and webbed feet. They looked so majestic when they dived under the water.

Thank you so much to all the staff who organised the trip. We really enjoyed it.

Martha (LC1)