UC4 Latin and Classical Civilisation trip to Bath

On Monday 24th June, 30 girls from UC4 studying Latin and Classical Civilisation travelled to Bath (or Aquae Sulis, as it was known by the Romans).

We headed straight for the Roman Baths, the religious and bathing complex built around Britain's only hot spring by the Romans in the first century AD.

The day started with a teaching session, where we learnt about the people who travelled to the Baths in Roman times by examining details of their monuments and tombstones. We also handled real and replica items that would have been used there, including a strigil for scraping off olive oil, oyster shells found in the grounds, a grooming kit and part of a real amphora.

This was followed by a tour the museum, where we saw several of the artefacts studied at GCSE; the highlight was a bronze head of the goddess Minerva, the Roman goddess identified with the local Celtic goddess Sulis.

We also enjoyed following the path of an ancient bather around the well-preserved rooms of the bathing complex, with the remains of the underfloor heating system and cubby holes for clothes still visible.

After the museum, we had a chance to get an ice cream to fuel us on a mini-tour of the city, on which we admired the use of classical architecture in the Circus and Royal Crescent and sketched or photographed some classically-inspired items of our choice. Thanks to Dr Coker for arranging the trip!

Dr Wilkinson, Teacher of Classics