UC4 Tate Britain Trip

Early in the morning of Wednesday 20th September a group of UC4 girls departed for London to visit the Tate Britain Gallery. When we arrived, we began by exploring the gallery halls and admiring the masterpieces of classical and contemporary artists. There were sculptures, paintings, installations and photographs ranging from “utterly stunning” to “completely shocking” and it was a great experience for us, as young artists, to observe such a variety of artwork and feel inspired for our own projects.

Afterwards, we visited the special exhibition of Rachel Whiteread, which was in fact the primary reason for our visit. We were able to closely examine her work, which was mostly monumental sculptures, which stole our attention due to their large size and bare simplicity. I really liked how her work was mostly plain in colour but was bold enough to make a statement. I think this is crucial in art of Whiteread’s kind.

Overall, I truly enjoyed Rachel Whiteread’s exhibition and the rest of work displayed in the gallery. I made many sketches and detailed drawings which was a good practice in identifying the shape, tone and texture of objects and gave me more confidence in my ability. I gained a lot of inspiration and knowledge from the visit, and, importantly, I also had a lot of fun!

Liza Chernobay (UC4)