UC4 Trip to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday 5th July, all UC4 biologists travelled to Kew Gardens in London in order to learn more about the adaptations of different plants in relation to their habitats. This was a fantastic opportunity as we were able to observe many different species of plants, most of which we had never seen or heard of before, as well as get a feel for the climate they can survive in.

We started our trip with an in-depth workshop with a Kew Garden guide, who took us through the environmental conditions of the respective plant habitats. This made us think about how their different adaptations linked to the biology that we had learnt in class, such as photosynthesis, gas exchange and transpiration. We then split into small groups and noted down the different characteristics and adaptations of the plants we found in the rainforest, desert and aquatic sections of the Princess of Wales Conservatory. This was followed by a session in which we came together as a class to discuss our findings.

The weather was glorious and allowed us to enjoy the gardens at their best and explore some of the attractions there such as 'The Hive', a walk-in art sculpture inspired by research into the health of honeybees, and the Alpine House. The very sunny weather also meant there was an opportunity for ice cream!

Overall, it was a fantastic day out exploring and expanding our biological knowledge with the weather most definitely on our side.

Lottie Garvie (UC4)