UC5 Work Experience

Following the end of GCSE exams, girls who expressed an interest and applied were given the opportunity to join a variety of work experiences. Six girls went to NCC Group to learn about ethical hacking, another six went to the Magistrates Court to get a flavour for Law, and six more went to Gloucester Services where they learnt about this very specific business model, as they promote local businesses and have a sustainable building. Two girls joined our team building the Health and Fitness Centre, one went to the Archives Department and the Library and another five worked in Barclays bank in two different branches in Cheltenham. Around 20 girls also went to two local schools.

This has been a very interesting and eye opening experience for the girls, who have appreciated how other people work and the importance of valuing every job and understanding the complexities of any company or institution. We would love to hear from local firms that would be able to offer placements next year towards the end of June.

Verbal feedback from the girls has been very positive and we have also received a few written paragraphs of thanks from the girls and those who helped to facilitate the placements, a few examples of which are listed below.

Gloucester Road Primary 

The two days spent at Gloucester Road Primary meant more than I have anticipated. In fact, in such a short period of time, I learnt how to communicate with children who have very diverse personalities. I learnt how to adapt my tone of voice and the content of my speech whilst communicating with them and realised the importance of being patient.

We spent quite a few hours cutting and sticking, but we were given opportunities to help the children in their group activities, help them read and teach them maths. These have strengthened my ability to deliver my message clearly to a younger audience. It has been a good social experience and made me recognise qualities needed for any career. 

Ivy Chen (UC4)

NCC Group

The whole experience was really enlightening. The powerpoints from each section were very helpful and fun, as they gave a small insight into all the possibilities. For example, the social engineering presentation was really interesting and we had the opportunity to have a go ourselves. The hardware was also interesting because we found out about websites that are really useful. I think this was one of the best parts because it gave us the opportunity to look further into the jobs that we found the most exciting. I’ve started thinking about how I would be able to sneak into buildings and, if there were badges, how I would recreate them to gain further access. All hypothetical of course!

The breaks and lunches out were also a highlight as they showed the relaxed atmosphere that is like no other working environment. It was nice to see that although the work could be hard and stressful, it could also be fun, as an arcade machine was never far away. I would definitely recommend this to others and would love to do it again some time.

Freya Thompson (UC4)

Magistrates Court 

I hope the girls found the Court visit useful and enjoyable. They certainly asked lots of questions which I hope I answered to their satisfaction. We had a very varied court list from shoplifting to assault to domestic violence. They also saw 'remand in custody', 'bail with and without conditions' and sentencing from fine to probation and custody. Quite a spectrum.

Please pass on my thanks to the young ladies for being such an attentive and friendly group.

Mr Peter Spicer