University Offers 2019

The SFC2 girls have now received almost all their university offers. We are exceptionally proud of the variety, calibre and global nature of the offers this year group have received.

The traditional benchmarks of Oxbridge and Ivy League have come in at record levels, with 24 Oxbridge offers (12 Cambridge and 12 Oxford) and 10 Ivy League offers. Subjects are varied, and include PPE at Oxford, Engineering at Cambridge and Liberal Arts places at Princeton, Yale and Dartmouth. We have received 516 Russell Group offers indicating the continued drive and strength of our girls in the UK university setting.

However, the higher education landscape is fast-evolving and CLC's Class of 2019 have shown how truly globally-minded, driven and forward-thinking they are. Focussing on just the Ivies or Oxbridge and Russell Group can fail to give significant weight to the truly wide-ranging, varied and prestigious global offers our girls have received.

Particularly exciting offers include Drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Art at Parsons School of Design and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and the dual degree programme between Sciences Po and The University of Sydney. Other highlights include an offer for the World Bachelor of Business which awards three degrees from three universities on three different continents (Bocconi University in Milan, the University of Southern California, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). Medicine and law continue to be popular and we have received 35 offers for medicine and 20 for law this year.

Girls at CLC are empowered and driven, and they are increasingly keen to pursue degrees which will quickly lead to exciting and high-powered careers. Offers received this year such as Urban Planning and Real Estate at UCL, Civil Engineering at Imperial, Veterinary Medicine at Edinburgh, Land Economy at Cambridge and Cyber Security at Warwick reflect this. STEM features strongly, with offers such as Medicinal Chemistry at Imperial and Nuclear Engineering at Birmingham.

In the UK, university courses are often focussed very specifically on academics, allowing students to immerse themselves in a subject they truly love. Offers received this year also reflect this academic drive of our girls and their genuine passion for creative, intellectual learning. Girls are holding offers for Music at Oxford, Art Foundation at Central St Martins, Middle Eastern Studies at Exeter and Liberal Arts at Warwick, to name but a few.

Traditional ways of defining university offer success can omit some truly remarkable achievements. The University of  Chicago, from which we received four offers this year, is not an Ivy League University but the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings features it as the tenth best university in the world. We were also delighted by our Stanford offer, rated the third top university in the THE ratings, but not included in the Ivy League. According to this wider, more global ranking, our 2019 leavers have received 50 offers from the top ten universities in the world.

However, even this wider benchmarking would miss out the offer for Mechatronic Engineering at Lancaster and the offer for Real Estate at Reading, the most prestigious course for this subject in the UK. It wouldn’t capture the offer for Neuroscience at Toronto University, Medicine at St George’s, or the three offers girls have received from Georgetown University.

The university offers from the Class of 2019 are, without exception, superb and we are proud of each and every girl, of their drive and their ambition, but also of their willingness to pursue their own goals and dreams in a truly global landscape. Watch out world, the Class of 2019 are on their way!

Dr V Sherwood, Head of Professional Guidance