CLC Violinist Jasmine plays with Nicola Bennedetti

I was excited to receive an invitation from the National Children's Orchestra to go to the BBC studios in London to play with Nicola Benedetti.

I received the music for the Tchaikovsky String Serenade a week before the event and I worked hard to learn it over half term. When we arrived at the BBC Studios, we had a rehearsal with the conductor Jonathan Bloxham, and rehearsed with each string section until he was very happy that we made a perfect sound!

Then Nicola Benedetti arrived. She gave us some useful advice, such as putting emotions into our playing and being as light as a feather with our bows. She also told us to exaggerate the dynamics.

Nicola Benedetti then played along with us and she played the same part as me, which was pretty cool. It sounded magical. She then answered some questions. We learn that her favourite composer is Beethoven and she does not like Marmite!

I had a fantastic day. The next week Nicola Benedetti posted a photo of her, me and my NCO friends on her official Instagram account and the NCO now have the picture on their YouTube channel!

Jasmine (LC2)