Visit from record-breaking hula-hooper

Lower College girls gathered in the Parabola Arts Centre on Friday 16th June to enjoy a thrilling performance from renowned acrobat, performer and record-breaking hula-hooper, Marawa Ibrahim. It was a wonderful way to end the week after everyone’s hard work during exams.

Girls were amazed to hear about Marawa’s many world records, but most importantly they were inspired by her fascinating story and encouraging message. Marawa spoke frankly about her experiences as a young woman as she developed her extraordinary talent. She also challenged the girls to think positively about themselves, helping them to be aware of some of the unrealistic pressures on young women in terms of body image. Girls responded enthusiastically to the invitation to ask questions and really appreciated the warmth and honesty in all Marawa’s replies.

A highlight of the afternoon was the chance for many girls to hula-hoop on stage with Marawa. While many proved themselves to be adept at this, no one is quite near being able to manage the 180 hula-hoops at once, which is a skill Marawa has mastered!

Girls were interested to learn that Marawa has recently published the first book in a new series for girls and teenagers with advice and support for them on their journey to womanhood. Called The Girl Guide, this book has been very well received and many of the LC girls have their own copy. No doubt many of them have also taken up hula-hooping!

Mrs Oosthuizen, Head of Lower College