Woodwind and Brass Prizes 2018

Congratulations to all the girls who took part in a wonderful day of music making for Woodwind and Brass Prizes. Kevin Price, our adjudicator, was extremely impressed with the high standard of playing in all of the classes.

A huge thank you to our wonderful accompanists and to all the instrumental teachers for preparing the girls for the day.

Mrs Adams, Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion 


Temple Wind Prize (LC1 - UC4)

1st Prize Semilore (Oboe)
2nd Prize Meredith (Clarinet)
Highly Commended Caroline (Oboe)
Highly Commended Lisa (Flute)
Highly Commended Sophie (Tenor Horn)
1st Prize Hannah (Flute)
2nd Prize Jasmine (Oboe)
Highly Commended  Camilla (Flute)

Gladys Runge Wind Prize (UC5 - SFC)

1st Prize Farren (Clarinet)
Joint 1st Prize  Gracie (Clarinet)
Chrysanne (Flute)
Highly Commended Lily (Flute)
Highly Commended  Kylie (Flute)

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