Words not Weapons: Save the Children

Four SFC1 IB students led a College-wide promotion of Save the Children's schools' competition, 'Words not Weapons', which aims to raise awareness of the plight of children in Yemen caught in the grip of an appalling humanitarian crisis.

The four girls, Simran, Kina, Omala and Victoria, adopted this worthy cause as a project, as part of their IB Diploma (Creativity, Activity and Service). Having introduced the project during Prayers, they ran sessions for Lower College girls to create short stories and poems inspired by the children of Yemen.

The competition attracted over 1,000 entries. There were 20 prizes available, nationally, and two of our Lower College girls were selected as prize winners. This is a wonderful achievement.

Hannah (LC2), picturing herself as a child in a war-ravaged town, wrote an imaginary letter to her father about the devastation of their home. Isadora (also LC2), wrote a short story from the perspective of a child in Yemen caring for a younger sibling.

As part of their prize, the girls' creative writing will feature in a booklet published by Save the Children, alongside words from children in Yemen. They will also be given the opportunity to connect with young people from Yemen and will be invited to the Young Voices of Excellence Award Ceremony.

Congratulations Hannah and Isadora.

Mr D Hawley, Assistant IB and International Links Coordinator