Young Enterprise: DØZE and Lagom

Over the course of the year, SFC1 students took part in the Young Enterprise Company of the Year Competition.


My group, DØZE, have been producing scented cushions to help students sleep better and therefore help prevent mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, that can be caused by stress and lack of sleep.

The scents we use, such as lavender, vanilla and coconut, are scientifically proven sedatives to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep. 

We began to produce the cushions in February and have been selling them at the Glow Run, concerts and within the school with great success. We even began to venture out to elderly care homes and other schools to further develop our brand.

In preparation for the Area Final in May, we also had to write a company report and attend a Young Enterprise Trade Fair, in which we won Runner Up for our ‘Product Production and Manufacture’.

Finally, at the big day all the groups put up their stands and we were seen by two groups of judges; we made a brief pitch and then were asked questions – it was daunting, but we were prepared with answers and were confident in our product! Later we also had to make a presentation in front of all of the other groups explaining our journey to this point.

In the end, we won Runner Up for ‘Best Product Design’ and 3rd Place for the ‘Best Company Report’. It felt great that we were rewarded for all of our hard work and the team were all very proud.

Paige Bruton, DØZE Managing Director

Doze Team Photo


Our Young Enterprise company is called Lagom and aims to celebrate Cheltenham through art. Lagom is the Swedish word for ‘just the right amount’ and our business is based on this concept entirely.

We have harnessed the artistic talent within our team to create 16 pieces of original artwork of a range of styles - ink, watercolour, sketches - that represent the varying interpretations of Cheltenham through our artists’ eyes. We then incorporated these works into necessary products, creating something unique and beautiful. We first created a Cheltenham themed calendar, and managed to sell over 390 of them within the space of three weeks, both in school and at the Wilson Art Gallery.

Following this success, we created a line of postcards and have sold more than half of our stock. We were lucky enough to qualify for the Area Final on 2nd May, where we set up a trade stand and were the Winner of the ‘Best Company Report’ and Runner Up for the ‘Best Overall Company in Gloucestershire’ category.

The company programme has given us an invaluable insight into the running of a business and has shown us the importance of teamwork and time management. We are very proud of our strong sales and financial performance, and look forward to selling the original pieces of artwork at the Guild Reunion on 20th May!

Audrey Kwong, Lagom Managing Director

Lagom Team Photo