Youth Strike for Climate Change

During the Easter holidays, my friend Heidi and I attended the most recent Youth Strike for Climate Change in London.

Having been previously disregarded as a mere ploy by students across the country to get a day off school, the thousands of students who gave up a day of their holidays and took to the streets in central London proved to politicians, teachers, parents and sceptics that climate change is an issue which our generation is passionate about and climate justice is a cause we wholeheartedly support.

Being solely student-led, the Strike did leave something to be desired in terms of organisation, so Heidi and I relied on snippets of overheard conversations to guide us to the location of the march. Eventually we found ourselves on Oxford Circus, where the Strike had caused traffic to come to a grinding halt, much to the irritation of commuters.

The atmosphere within the Strike was one of unified passion and determination to make a positive change. We were both especially touched by the enthusiasm and positivity of younger students who were excited to be at their first protest and to be part of something greater than themselves. Their joy reminded us that the baton of environmental responsibility hasn’t been dropped between generations, and that there is another wave of kids, led by Greta Thunberg, who care deeply about the environment and who are fixated on creating a better future for not only ourselves, but for the generations to follow

Hopefully, with time, large scale peaceful protests like this, conducted by the future of the world, will jolt politicians and policy makers into action and will result in real, tangible change for the environment.

Katie (SFC1)