The person you become as you gain your grades...
College is a place of learning and community for girls of all faiths and many cultures, setting down the foundations for a future with a stronger chance of collaboration, tolerance and unity.
Eve Jardine-Young
Ms Eve Jardine-Young MA

A CLC education encourages us to think globally, to cherish diversity and to innovate in the face of an ever-changing world.

A CLC education is, and will continue to be, full of joy, excitement and challenge.

Pupils from CEP partner schools using the CLC StarLab planetarium
From our latest Inspection Report
Pupils have an outstanding sense of what is right and wrong, fair and unfair, and examine ethical issues deeply with due regard for all viewpoints.
ISI Inspection 2022
Pupils develop a strong sense of self-understanding of themselves as individuals and learners. They actively reflect on their capabilities, character, feelings and motivations.
ISI Inspection 2022
Pupils’ excellent academic and other achievements reflect their commitment to make the most of every opportunity offered by the school’s extensive academic and extra-curricular provision.
ISI Inspection 2022
Pupils’ attitudes to learning are consistently positive. They show initiative, independence and leadership in their learning and also work creatively and supportively with one another.
ISI Inspection 2022
Pupils respond well to, and fulfil, the school’s mission for them to become resilient and to value, serve and enrich the communities to which they belong.
ISI Inspection 2022
Pupils’ communication skills are particularly strong. They listen attentively, assimilating information quickly and thoroughly. They take good account of one another’s view and build on each other’s ideas.
ISI Inspection 2022
Pupils respond wholeheartedly to the trust that is invested in them and as a result they behave well, are thoughtful, appreciative and engaged in the topics of the day and the world around them.
ISI Inspection 2022