We are extremely fortunate at College to have an outstanding collection of treasures, gathered by College girls and staff over the past 160+ years. Our Archive contains about 4,500 books, thousands of photographs and examples of clothing and teaching equipment from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. An Archivist works during term-time and is responsible for receiving, recording and displaying all that is of interest to the current College community and our many welcome visitors. 

If you have an enquiry relating to the history of CLC, you are invited to send your request to our Archivist. We receive many enquiries and although we will try, we cannot always answer immediately as it can sometimes take time to carry out the necessary research. If you are a parent, pupil or Guild member, this service is free. Otherwise, if the search is successful, we ask for a fee of £10.00 to cover costs, including photocopies of documents if relevant. If we are unsuccessful, we will let you know and there is no fee

In our enquiries, it helps to have as much background information as possible. This is especially the case if it is information about someone who might have been at College, in which case details such as date of birth, maiden name (if applicable) and why you think they might have been at College, are all useful when trying to trace a particular name. Please include your email address and telephone number and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are more generally interested in the history of College, please follow @CLCArchive on Twitter for regular photos and snippets from the Archives. Some of our latest tweets are displayed on this page.


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