Volunteering and Fundraising

It’s difficult to appreciate the world unless you immerse yourself in the task of making it a better place. This is a commitment that College and the pupils take seriously; dedicating over 3,200 hours of volunteering in the community each year.

Charitable activities aren’t an added extra, they are central to what we do. We have a Social Action Mentor and Partnerships Administrator who work with the students to take action through volunteering, fundraising and spreading awareness for vital causes.

Community Links

Volunteering and charity work at College takes many forms, but the most popular is the successful Community Links scheme. Pupils take part in activities ranging from reading to children, performing music for the elderly, building bird boxes, mentoring refugees and sorting at the Food Bank.

Local causes benefit from this voluntary work, but it also gives our pupils a broader perspective on life as they are developing their attitude to the world. They learn to value, serve and enrich their community in a way that will stay with them forever.

Community is at the heart of our school and working with local partners gives our girls the opportunity to meaningfuilly contribute in our local area. Through our community links, girls learn what it means to be a vital and compassionate member of society.
Mrs Isaac
Social Action Mentor

Charity Fundraising

College chooses four main charities annually. Each House nominates one charity and an overview of the nominations is presented in Prayers. Staff and students then anonymously vote for the charities they would like to support during the next academic year.

While we would like to help as many organisations as possible, choosing a smaller number means the chosen charities can each benefit from a larger donation. It also enables us to build a relationship with the charities, giving pupils the opportunity to learn more about their work. Several pupils have gone on to take gap year placements with some of these organisations and with St Hilda’s East, our permanent charity.

College also supports various ‘one off’ appeals where students and staff are passionate about a cause or issue.

Our Charities 2023-24

For the current year we are supporting the following organisations:

Water aid

Water Aid work with supporters, partners and local communities to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere.

Visit the Water Aid website.

Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees

A volunteer-led charity ensuring refugee families and asylum seekers are supported and promoting co-operation between different communities.

Visit the Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees website.

Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing of Women are the only UK charity funding all of women's reproductive and gynaecological health.

Visit the Wellbeing of Women website.

St Hilda's East

Our permanent charity: Founded by Guild in 1889, this multi-purpose community centre caterers for all sections of the local community in the East End of London.

Visit the St Hilda's East website.