Chaplaincy and Worship


We actively foster genuine respect for all world faiths, many of which are represented in College, and welcome students from all religious backgrounds. Our aim is to encourage our community to consider and explore beliefs, values, spirituality and moral principles in an open climate of tolerance and respect.

We support individual journeys of faith and nurture spiritual wellbeing through many different activities and reflections. Academic study of the world’s religions frrms part of the curriculum and taught by the Religious Studies Department.


Christian principles provide the foundation for College life, and the long-standing tradition of College Prayers takes place most days. Bringing together the whole community of staff and students, this assembly encompasses a wide variety of contributions and to encourages us to think and reflect. As an inclusive community where different faiths are represented and fostered, we reflect this diversity in the breadth of topics, readings and prayers. For many former students, the routine of Prayers and the sense of community that it brings is an abiding memory of their time at College.


Located at the heart of College, the Quiet Room and is a place where students (and staff) of all faiths and none can go for quiet reflection at any free time. We also use this room for daily Morning Prayer, weekly voluntary service of Holy Communion, and other occasional services. Confidential prayer requests can be left in a box in the Quiet Room.


There is typically a weekly (morning or evening) act of worship for all Junior boarders, and to which Sixth Form boarders are also always welcome. This may take the form of Sung Eucharist, Morning Prayer, Taize Services, informal acts of worship in the Houses, or a visit to one of several local churches with whom College has enjoyed long-standing relationships.


There are spirituality groups for Lower College, Upper College and for Sixth Form, as well as a supper club which meets regularly in Houses. These clubs provide an opportunity for those who are confident in their faith to meet and share in Bible discussion and prayer.


Many students wish to find out more about the Christian faith during their time at College. If they decide to be confirmed, the Chaplaincy team run sessions in the Houses, leading on to Anglican Confirmation if they wish. Roman Catholic confirmation is prepared for at a local parish church.


For those who would like to be part of a larger network of prayer for College life, there are meetings for parents and staff.