CLC voices

At Cheltenham Ladies' College, we are proud to provide an environment for girls to flourish academically and personally; where you have the freedom to grow and be yourself.

We know that every pupil is unique, but we hope they all have at least one thing in common: a happy and fulfilled time at CLC.

Hear from our Pupils
I think the best thing about CLC is the supportive environment, but also that although the academics are really important, there's equal emphasis placed on other things such as music, sport, drama.
Hands playing a piano
Having done the IB diploma program for almost a year now, it's so international so you get to learn about for instance history from all over the world and literature from all over the world. It's also very holistic, you're not boxed into just humanities or just STEM, you see how everything is connected together.
You make a lot of friends and you know that they're lifelong friends. It’s really comforting to know that you have such a good support system here.
Teenagers hugging in a river on an outward bound day
Cheltenham is a lovely place to live. It’s so clean and safe, with everything you could need. To go to school in a town gives you more of a sense of freedom than in a countryside school, and sometimes it's nice to just wander round, to get a change of scene.
Sixth Form student
Hear from our Parents
[My daughter] felt so encouraged and supported to go out there and try her best, and felt she had such great friends and guidance behind her. She loved it all! So thank you all very much – what a great school we’ve found!
Parent of LC3 (Year 9) day pupil
The school ‘got’ [my daughter] from the very start. It has taken an 11 year old child on a journey of academic development and, most significantly, one of personal development into a confident young woman. We know that [she] has established some wonderful friends at the school and, especially in her last year, excellent relationships with some of her teachers. They have treated her as a young woman and shown great understanding beyond being mere academic educators."
Parent of SFC2 (Year 13) day pupil
We have children in three different schools and CLC has been exceptional in terms of communication and practicality, and in particular understanding the needs of the international students.
Parent of SFC1 (Year 12) boarding pupil
We love the holistic view you take, the internationalism, the debates, the sport, the IB, the music and so very much more. CLC has surpassed anything we could have expected or hoped for.
Parent of SFC1 (Year 12) boarding pupil
Your school is simply wonderful and I only wish I could have had the education [my daughter] is getting… every penny well spent!
Parent of UC4 (Year 10) boarding pupil
The pastoral care at CLC is best in class from our perspective. We are, of course, new to the school but have been so impressed on so many fronts. The Housemistress knowing the girls well, coupled with small tutor groups and very well chosen staff is so reassuring.
Parent of LC1 (Year 7) day pupil
My daughter has been very privileged to attend Cheltenham Ladies'​ College; as well as receiving an outstanding education she has emerged an empowered young woman, an advocate for herself and others and with a keen understanding of not only what is available to her but also her responsibilities in this rapidly changing world. Alongside privilege and education is obligation and responsibility, and CLC has truly engendered these attributes in her.
Parent of a recent leaver
CLC has surpassed anything we could have expected or hoped for. We feel blessed, and oh so lucky to have our daughter in your very capable hands.
Parent of SFC1 (Year 12) boarding pupil
The Professional Guidance Centre at CLC is definitely something to be congratulated and is something that I, as a former parent, believe is one of the particular strengths of CLC as I believe you continually have the best outcomes for students in mind, whatever their level of academic performance at CLC.
Parent of SFC2 (Year 13) boarding pupil
Hear from our Guild Members
Forever grateful for the world class education I was given at CLC. If only all women were given such an opportunity and empowered through education - think what a different world this might be.
Class of 1988
If I hadn't gone to CLC I don't think I would be as committed and determined and relentless in what I believe I can achieve.
Former bursary student
The best thing about CLC is the support network that we have because I'd say, it's limitless and it will continue to stay in my life as well.
Former Pupil
When I came to CLC it was surprisingly easy to fit in. Everyone came from very different backgrounds, from very different countries and so we all had that one thing in common and I guess that was like the starting ground to our friendships.
Former Pupil
I realise now, more than ever, that every ‘normal’ day I spent at CLC was something special. My one piece of advice would be to take advantage of every single day at school; it doesn’t matter whether that is setting up a new society, taking up fencing or singing the hymn at full blast – make it count.
Senior Prefect - Class of 2020
The IB encouraged me to see how I can give back to the community, and I felt like it was a lot more applicable to my life after I graduated from CLC.
Ser Jia