Pastoral Care

The need to promote, support and protect students’ wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with academic progress. We aim to create an environment that enables each individual to develop their own hopes and ambitions, preparing them appropriately for the future into which they will live and work beyond College.

Growing up has never been easy, and for this generation of teenagers it is especially true. Their childhoods and their futures have been and will be influenced by a myriad of existential issues - the impact of Covid-19, ever-developing technology, fast-flowing information and climate change to name just a few. In spite of this, we endeavour to provide a secure and caring community in which pupils can flourish and gain the skills to lead happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

We want to ensure that all the students in College feel supported and are happy and fulfilled as they go through their time with us. It isn't always possible to be as happy as you might want to be on some days but we recognize that actually having that support and having people to be alongside you to help you face those ups and downs is really really important.
Miss Ralph
Head of Pastoral Care
Caroline Ralph, Head of Pastoral Care at Cheltenham Ladies' College

We realise that achieving a sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and happiness is not a quick fix and that experiencing positive emotions does not suggest the absence of negative feelings. Indeed, we do not gloss over the reality of managing adolescence or coping with difficult circumstances. The Wellbeing/PSHE Programme therefore tackles some of the more challenging aspects of life and we make sure that students are offered support and directed to sources of help as needed.

We are careful to deal with these issues with sensitivity, not shying away from controversial topics through encouraging students to voice their opinions and discuss things as openly as they feel comfortable. We ensure pupils know where and to whom they can turn for help. Students have access to wide-ranging support: we have pupils trained to help their peers, school counsellors, and specialist staff, or we can refer to them to helplines, support and professionals beyond College.

Wellbeing extends to savouring many of the positive aspects of life and community, and we encourage this through sport and creative activities such as music, dance, art, as well as participatory gatherings and celebrations. At certain points of the year there are occasions to do this in Houses and across College – we believe that space should be created to have fun and experience joy and laughter – sometimes just for the sake of it!

From the ISI Inspection 2022:

"They [pupils] know it is essential to seek support if they become worried or concerned and say that the school is supportively responsive if this becomes necessary. They feel assured that they can access counselling services when appropriate. Their self-responsibility for maintaining a balanced lifestyle is embedded well. Given their extremely busy engagement in all aspects of school life this a crucial element in their overall personal wellbeing. The school is highly effective in caring for its pupils in these regards, and this is characteristic of the value it places on each and every one."