CLC offers an exciting and enriching Scholarship Programme with a wealth of opportunities aimed at stretching and developing individual talent for the benefit of the whole community. Being a Scholar is a position of honour at CLC and those who earn the title will play a key role in the life of the school and enjoy the chance to lead and inspire others whilst fulfilling their own potential.

Scholarship Awards do not carry fee remission but families can apply for assistance with fees (from 1%-100%, depending on circumstances) through our Beale Award scheme.


Available at 11+, 13+ and 16+

We place great value on our Academic Scholars and we have a bespoke Academic Scholarship Programme to ensure pupils develop intellectually, culturally and personally during their time with us.

All Lower College (11+ and 13+) applicants are considered for an Academic Scholarship as part of the entrance process. Those students who perform best are invited to take part in the Scholarship assessment process in February. These additional assessments involve practical assessments, group tasks and interviews. See our 11+ entry and 13+ entry pages for more information and precise dates.

To apply for a Sixth Form (16+) Academic Scholarship, applicants should indicate their interest on the Entrance Exam Form and complete the Academic Scholarship section. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed at College and sit written exams in early November (see our 16+ entry page for more information and precise dates)

Art Scholarships

Available at 13+ and 16+

Our Art Scholarships recognise creativity and passion, as well as artistic talent in a variety of forms and a range of media. Many of our Scholars continue with art throughout their time at College and go on to study art or design courses at University. 

We hold regular exhibitions to showcase the work of our Scholars and there are plenty of opportunities for them to visit galleries, art events and attend lectures.

Applications for an Art Scholarship on entry are considered at 13+ and 16+. As part of the application process, girls who are called back should expect to take part in a timed assessment and to present a portfolio of recent work.

Girls who join College at 11+ or 12+ may be invited to apply for an internal Art Scholarship in Year 8 for transition to Year 9.

Music Scholarships

Available at 11+, 13+ and 16+

Music is an enriching part of life at College and all of our Music Scholars exhibit natural musicianship and a strong desire to make music. Scholars receive an excellent musical education tailored to meet their individual needs and ambitions. As they develop, our Music Scholars become leaders of musical life at College and play a central role in a range of ensembles.

Most applicants will learn two instruments (which may include voice) and although there is no formal minimum standard, it is unusual for an applicant not to have reached Grade 4 in their principal study. The assessment will include an audition showcasing two contrasting pieces on the applicant’s principal and secondary study, a short piece which is presented before the audition, a sight reading lesson, aural tests and a conversation founded on each candidate’s musical interest.


Available at 16+

College is one of the few schools in the country to offer an Organ Scholarship. Prospective candidates should be promising organists with a demonstrable commitment to the instrument and a desire to dedicate significant time to developing their skills in this area whilst at College. They should have keyboard skills beyond the level of Grade 6 piano, preferably with confident sight-reading ability. Some previous experience playing or studying the organ is essential.

The Sixth Form Organ Scholar will follow a discrete programme of training which could form ideal preparation for a University Organ Scholarship, and will include many performance opportunities at College and externally. They will work closely with the College Organist, and will have the opportunity to develop their choral accompanying and directing skills through work with the College Choirs and Head of Vocal Studies. Organ Scholars will receive free organ tuition in the form of two lessons per week in repertoire and keyboard / general musicianship skills.

Past award holders have previously won Organ Scholarships at Oxbridge and the University of St Andrews, and have continued their organ studies in the USA.


Available at 13+ and 16+

Our Sports Scholars lead by example, both on and off the pitch, and represent College at all levels. They will regularly play for at least two College teams (often one summer and one winter sport), usually achieving county honours or higher. As well as taking advantage of our excellent sports facilities, girls will be supported by dedicated teachers and expert coaches to help them further develop both physically and psychologically to support them in achieving their personal sporting ambitions. In turn, our Sports Scholars coach the younger girls, and encourage peers and team mates on and off the pitch.

Applications are welcome from 13+ and 16+ applicants. Candidates are invited to attend an Assessment Day, which will involve interviews and practical assessments including various fitness tests, drills and conditioned games to test technical knowledge and skills.

There are no Sport Awards available at 11+ entry. This is a complex time and we believe it is important to recognise that there is a wide range of factors that influence the rates at which young people develop sporting talent. Sporting development through the teenage years is a personal journey of advancements, hence our support needs to reflect this changing progress of the individual and be appropriate and encouraging to all. During Years 7 and 8, College has a support structure to foster the sporting ambitions of girls in this age group, and internal scholarships are available as girls progress to Year 9.