Joining CLC

We understand that choosing the right senior school is an important and sometimes complex decision, for both parents and daughters. You will be supported through this process by our highly experienced Admissions Team, who will be your main point of contact throughout. They are here to answer your questions, help you to navigate anything that is unfamiliar, and generally provide guidance and reassurance during the admissions process.

We want our students to enjoy pursuing their academic interests, and to want to make a contribution to College life, in academic, music, art, sport or any number of other spheres. Each September around 160 girls join College, becoming part of a vibrant, diverse community of approximately 870 pupils, both boarding and day, and 600 academic and operational staff.

Of the thousands of girls who've passed through our doors since 1854, no two are the same, but each follows in the footsteps of every young woman who has gone before them. Each student leaves us with shared experiences, an excellent academic foundation, and well-equipped to meet the challenges of their lives beyond College.

new girls each year
boarding:day split
College is a place full of vibrancy, energy and care. It's a school which has academically inquisitive girls, who embrace the educational experience in its widest sense.
Richard Houchin
Director of Admissions
Richard Houchin, Director of Admissions, Cheltenham Ladies' College

Admissions Criteria

We know that our excellent examination results at GCSE, A Level and IB might suggest that we accept only highly academic students; in fact, we are looking for those who have potential and a positive attitude to learning. The diversity of interests, outlook and ambition, is what defines and enriches our dynamic community.

There is no 'type' of girl at CLC. What you need is a positive outlook and a willingness to try new things. With these qualities, you will find kindred spirits who will support and encourage you to develop your potential, and define and pursue your dreams.

We recognise and understand that applications come to us from a diverse range of previous educational backgrounds and our admissions process is geared towards getting to know candidates, their ambitions and attainments in the context of their current and previous schooling.

Find Out More

All those who join College must take entrance exams and assessments. These take place at various times depending on the year group of entry.

The information in these admissions sections gives an overview of the application process and provides an outline for each entry point:

Occasionally mid-year places become available which may, for example, suit a family moving into the area – please get in touch with the Admissions Team directly to enquire about the availability of spaces, and the necessary steps required.

Whichever point of entry you are considering, we encourage you to begin with a visit to College. We recommend joining an Open Day if your year of entry is more than 2 years away, or a private 1:1 visit if your potential start date is more imminent. Either way, we’d be delighted to welcome you to College in person to begin your journey.