The Principal

Leading this energetic, talented and diverse community of staff and pupils is an extraordinary privilege.


In preparing our girls to navigate and shape this complex and changing world, we recognise not only the importance of academic excellence, but also of supporting and challenging the girls’ opinions, promoting independence, and embracing inclusion and diversity within our community. This means nurturing a culture of tolerance, compassion and resilience, recognising and understanding difference and the value this brings, and drawing strength from developing shared values.

Principal Eve Jardine-Young stands in the Art and Design Building at Cheltenham Ladies' College

The next generation is growing up in a world full of promise, choice and possibility as well as the unprecedented challenges that recent world events have brought into sharp relief. We unashamedly put the wellbeing of our girls on an equal footing with their academic achievements and we are proud to develop intellectually curious, self-motivated, courageous and enthusiastic young women.

These qualities are key to empowering our pupils to thrive, both as they live and work alongside their friends and peers at College, and as they go on to lead fulfilling lives beyond. A life lived with meaning and purpose will be different for each one of us, and the self-knowledge developed in our formative years can be an invaluable compass in finding our way towards this.

College has an inspirational tradition of pioneering girls’ education, which we cherish, and we look forward with energy and imagination to the future.

Thank you for your interest in finding out more about what an education at CLC has to offer.

Eve Jardine-Young