Our Purpose

The teaching and care of pupils from over 50 countries encourages us to think globally and cherish the value of diversity. 

A holistic education today is a means to life in the 21st Century. It develops agility to meet the accelerating pace of change, resilience to take risks and live with less fear, bravery and courage to face the future. It encourages us to choose who we become, who we connect with, whom we trust, believe and honour.

A CLC education is about the person you become while you gain your grades. It is, and will continue to be, full of joy, excitement and challenge.


To embody excellence, independence, inspiration and empowerment in the education of women.


To support and guide girls in becoming self-determining, fulfilled and resilient women who value, serve and enrich the communities to which they belong in a complex and changing world.

To honour our pioneering heritage through challenge and innovation in the pursuit of academic excellence.


To promote mutual respect, integrity, courage and the productive exchange of ideas.

To nurture intellectual curiosity, creativity, confidence and an enduring sense of belonging.