16+ Entry

Each year we welcome 45 new boarders and day girls into the Sixth Form, and the overall year group grows to approximately 160 at this point. Settling into the Sixth Form, as a new entrant, is made easier by the fact that all girls move to different houses after GCSE and so it is a new start for everyone.

A sixth form art student screenprinting at Cheltenham Ladies' College

The emphasis of Sixth Form life at CLC is on increased independence, both in the classroom and beyond. Our students are empowered to take responsibility for managing their academic studies, co-curricular activities and free time, with the aim of encouraging attainment, ambition and self-confidence.

On leaving CLC, our students are ready to explore a world of exciting opportunities and they go on to study a wide range of subjects at outstanding universities throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and across the globe. 

Below is the process for applying to join SFC1 (Year 12 / 16+) in September 2025. Subsequent years will follow a similar path and you should use this as an indicative timeline.

*Please note: Our Admissions process for 2024 day students remains open. Please contact our admissions team for further information.

Sixth Form Admissions Process

1. View our Virtual Tour

Alongside this website, our virtual tour video, lasting 12 minutes, will give you and your family an insight into CLC, the wealth of opportunities available and how it may suit your daughter.

2. Visit us in person

An in-person visit will help you to really get a sense of College, and help to imagine your daughter as part of our community. A small number of Open Days per year are open to all and are listed on our website. Other events are Sixth Form specific and details are emailed to registered families.

Pre-booking is required for all admissions visits and events.

3. Complete a registration form

We would encourage you to submit a Registration Form as soon as you have decided College is an option for your daughter. This means we can keep in touch with you, invite you to relevant events and inform you of key deadlines as they approach.

The final deadline for submitting a Registration Form for is:

  • 1st July of Year 10 for bursary applicants (1st July 2024 for applications to join in September 2025)

  • For standard applications to join in September 2025:
    1st August 2024 – for applicants currently not attending a UK School

    30th September 2024 - for applicants currently attending a UK School

If you're applying for a bursary, please visit our bursary information page which will explain the addition steps in the bursary application process. 

4. Essay and interview

Applicants will be asked to submit a handwritten essay. This will be used to assess each applicant’s ability to express themselves in a coherent and cogent manner. Regardless of subject choice, all Sixth Form applicants need to be able to express themselves, in writing, in an effective manner and the essay will assess this ability. The essay titles will be sent to all registered applicants from start of the May half-term holidays.

Following submission of the essay and internal review, some candidates may be required to take part in a virtual follow up interview to discuss their essay. Please note that not all candidates will be required to interview at this stage.

Applicants for whom English is not their native language must submit a UKiset Profile (this must be dated between 1st January 2024 and 31st August 2024). 

5. Complete an Entrance Exam Form

From the week commencing 10th June, a link to the online exam form will be sent to all successful applicants. As well as providing basic information, applicants will be asked to submit their subject course preferences (A Level or IB) and to rank in order of preference the subjects they would like to study in the Sixth Form. For IB candidates, they will be asked to rank their HL followed by SL subjects. Along with the exam form, applicants will be sent a link to access support materials to help in preparation for the entrance exams.

The deadline for submissions of the completed exam form and separate Scholarship application forms if applying for Art, Music or Sport Scholarship is 1st August 2024 – for applicants currently not attending a UK school and 4th October 2024 -  for applicants currently attending a school in the UK.

Please note it may be necessary to close this point of entry at an earlier date if the number of applications is particularly high.  

Details of the courses available are listed in our Sixth Form Courses Booklet, published annually in September.

6. Take the Entrance Exams

Entrance exams and assessments take place in November and all applicants will be expected to attend CLC in person.

 On the assessment day itself applicants will:

  • Sit two written Sixth Form subject papers along with an adaptive verbal reasoning test, and an adaptive test from one of two pathways: Maths/Science or Art/Humanities.

  • Have a 1-2-1 interview with a member of the Sixth Form Team or Senior Leadership team.

  • Take part in a small, group-based activity.

Short-listed Academic, Art, Music and Sport Scholarship applicants will participate in an additional assessment programme in the same week as the entrance exams.

Subject Briefing Papers

7. Offers

Places are offered at the beginning of December in Year 11 (1st December 2024 for September 2025 entry). Our team of assessors review each candidate’s performance across the entrance exams, interview, essay, and the reference we request from her current Head Teacher.

8. Accept your place

You will have until early December in Year 11 to accept your place (16th December 2024 for 2025 entry) and to pay the acceptance fee.  

9. Joining information and House placements

In the Summer Term of Year 11, parents will receive confirmation of their daughter's House, and access to an online portal containing the enrolment information. Some of this information is for you to read at your leisure, other items have forms which require a response by a set date (for example, requests for music or drama lessons, medical forms, etc). 

During the last few weeks of the Summer Term, you'll will be put in contact with your new Housemistress. 

10. Start College!

The time has finally arrived...

New Sixth Formers are invited to arrive ahead of the start of term for an orientation programme, details of which will be shared in the online enrolment pack.

Starting a new school can be unnerving, but there will be plenty of support in place to help you settle. All our returning students join new Houses and start new courses in Sixth Form - so it's an exciting new chapter for everyone.