Senior Boarding

The start of sixth form is a point of transition of all our students, new and old: not only do they start new academic courses, they also join one of our Senior Houses. These Senior Houses bring a noticeable increase in independence and personal responsibility, as well as a chance to live with new girls, or girls who may previously have been in different House to them. For new girls to College, it may be their first time boarding or they may have boarded at a previous school, but the opportunity of joining at Sixth Form ensures that everyone is new to their House.

Sixth Form students relax outdoors at Cheltenham Ladies' College

Each of our Senior Houses are architecturally unique – from the Victorian Gothic St Hilda’s to modern and inner-connecting Beale and Cambray. Each has its own unique personality and atmosphere, but each offers its students comparable facilities: dining rooms, common rooms, prep rooms, computer rooms, space for music practice and laundry facilities. Each is run by a Housemistress or Houseparents, a Deputy, a team of live-in and day-to-day pastoral staff who support the girls, a dedicated Chef, and teams of kitchen and domestic staff.

New or old, our senior boarders enter Sixth Form with different experiences and they all find their way together, forging new friendships, embracing the diversity of their community and making the most of exciting opportunities, while developing intellectually and as individuals. They are given more independence, responsibility and leadership opportunities, both within their Houses and across College, which allows them to develop the skills needed to flourish while living independently either at their chosen universities, or at whatever they chose to do after College.

Our house system is structured to allow new boarders to settle in quickly, so that they feel included and supported within a close-knit community. The skills they learn in Sixth Form and the self-confidence they develop is also invaluable for many of our alumnae who choose to pursue global opportunities early on in their careers.

"My time in Sixth Form has taught me independence, time management and how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and I know I’m really going to miss the energy of the house when I move on to university next year."