Please click the links below to download the following policies:

Copies of the College policies listed below are available free of charge upon request via the Online Enquiry Form.

  • Admissions Policy
  • Alcohol Drugs and Smoking Policy for Girls
  • Anti-bullying and Anti-cyberbullying Policy
  • Attendance and Registration Policy
  • Behaviour Discipline and Rewards Policy
  • Charity Fundraising by College
  • Curriculum Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy for Pupils
  • Good Neighbours Policy
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy
  • ICT Acceptable Use Policy for Girls
  • Inclusion and Access Policy
  • International Mindedness Policy
  • Means Tested Bursaries Policy
  • Mental Health Policy
  • Money Laundering Policy
  • Medical Policy
  • Pupil Access to An Independent Person
  • Relationships and Sex Education Policy (RSE)
  • Risk Assessment Policy
  • Suspension and Exclusion Policy
  • Transgender Guidance
  • Wellbeing and Personal Development (PHSE) Policy