“Physics is the study of the world around us. If you have ever asked the questions: How does this work? Why is it that colour? What is out there? Why does it sound like that? Then you are a physicist at heart.”

From the earliest lessons in Lower College, girls will find topics are always related to the world around them. Pupils thrive when they can see the real life relevance of a subject.

We have a focus on skills and content so that our students leave with good levels of laboratory confidence. Problem solving is an innate aspect of physics, so students always need to be ready to think on their feet and voice their opinions and ideas. Girls will thrive if independent thinking and creativity are nurtured.

The Physics Department has five dedicated and well-equipped physics laboratories, which are used for lessons and clubs. Co-curricular physics activities include StarLab (hosted in our digital planetarium, the most high-tech one of its kind in Europe) and Engineering Clubs and competitions, for which we work closely with the EET Department.

The department runs trips, such as to CERN, in Switzerland and to Orlando, Florida to explore the Kennedy Space Center and the physics of Rollercoasters, in addition to trips closer to home, such as the Oxford fusion laboratory or the Diamond Light Source synchrotron in Oxfordshire.

LC Programme

Students are taken through a wide variety of topics with a focus on experimental skills and reasoning.

UC Programme

The Edexcel IGCSE specification is followed.

SFC Programme

SFC girls can opt to take either Higher or Standard Level physics as part of the IB Diploma, or follow the AQA syllabus for A Level. 


Head of Physics: Mrs Rebecca Bennett BSc

Miss Sophie Constantine MSci MInstP
Mrs Ruth Levings BSc
Miss Jackie Adams BSc
Mrs Michelle Pizii BSc
Mr James Pothecary MSci
Mr Greg Nicholas BEng
Ms Naomi Sorrel MSci


Mrs Janet Dickson BSc BA
Mr Karl Morris BSc