“At school you are engaged not so much in acquiring knowledge as in making mental efforts under criticism.” - William Johnson Cory, a 19th century master in Classics at Eton

The study of classical subjects helps students to develop the ability to read and discuss with an open mind, to analyse and interpret ancient source material (not only written texts, in the original language and in translation, but other types of source material also), to offer personal, considered responses and to write critically.

Students of Latin and/or Greek practise the habit of logical, careful thinking through the study of these highly inflected languages and their complex sentence structures. A deep understanding of grammar and syntax enables students to communicate more effectively in English and provides a strong foundation for the learning of other languages, especially Romance languages.

Students gain insight into Greek and Roman attitudes and ways of life, and pursue aesthetic appreciation through the study of the literature and art of Greece and Rome, as well as understanding and respect for cultures other than their own.


All LC1 pupils take Latin. In LC3, they may also begin Greek.


We follow the OCR GCSE specification.


For A level we follow the OCR specification.


Head of Classics: Mr Simon Pitt BA 

Mrs Julia Ebbrell MA ACMA
Dr Claire Wilkinson MA MPhil
Dr Amy Coker MA