It is important that College supports each girl in striking a successful balance between academic and co-curricular activity. Our provision in this area is exciting and well-resourced, with over 160 co-curricular activities available, presenting each girl with an opportunity to find her niche. The vast majority of these are provided as part of the curriculum at no extra cost.

We understand that every girl is an individual, and that talent and potential lie within each one of us. Our wide-ranging co-curricular programme offers girls the chance to experience new opportunities and we are committed to helping each girl to find an activity that suits her.

From playing Chess to performing in a rock band, debating current affairs to playing badminton or football, we believe that education is broader than the confines of a classroom.

Everyone is encouraged to 'have a go' whatever their level of ability. There is no fixed formula for the number and type of activities that each girl can do, but most settle into a combination of perhaps two to three weekly activities outside of normal teaching time.