Community Links

It’s difficult to appreciate the world unless you immerse yourself in the task of making it a better place. It may not be possible for our girls to change the world while they are at College, but they can change the worlds of many people in the local community. This is a commitment that College and the girls take seriously; dedicating over 3,200 hours of volunteering in the community each year. Charitable activities aren’t an added extra, they are central to what we do.

Charity work at College takes many forms, but the most popular is the successful Community Links scheme.

Each year girls give up thousands of hours to take part in activities ranging from reading to the blind and teaching languages to primary school children, to grooming homeless pets at the local animal shelter and cooking breakfast at the local Open Door project.

Local causes benefit a great deal from this voluntary work, but the projects also give our pupils a broader perspective on life during a time when they are developing their attitude to the world. The girls learn to value, serve and enrich their community, a philosophy that will stay with them forever.