Societies and Clubs

There is an extensive range of activities, societies and clubs on offer to girls of all ages - whatever their interests. The co-curricular programme is based around the girls' enthusiasms and abilities and we are always happy to add activities where there is demand.

Most co-curricular activities run weekly throughout the three terms, although some are more seasonal or weather dependent. Some take place away from College, and transportation is provided to and from these activities.

At the beginning of the Autumn Term, girls are able to consider the wide range of clubs and activities available to them. Tutors and Housemistresses discuss these with girls, to help them balance their co-curricular activities with their academic work, which must take priority.

Below is a small sample of some of the co-curricular activities on offer, grouped by type:


  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Choral Society
  • Chamber Choir
  • Gospel Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • Percussion Club


  • Riding
  • Polo
  • Golf
  • Martial Arts Club
  • Fencing
  • Yoga
  • Mountain Biking
  • Climbing Club


  • Life Drawing
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Hip Hop Dance Club
  • Photography and Darkroom Club
  • Makerspace
  • Up-cycled Fashion


  • Politics Society
  • Gothic Reading Group
  • Chinese Culture and Film Club
  • Beginners Russian
  • Philosophy Society
  • Biotech Club
  • GirlsGetSet
  • Cookery Club
  • Engineering, Enterprise and Technology Club
  • Ethical Hacking Club
  • Latin for Scientists
  • Medical Ethics Club


  • Amnesty International
  • Environment Society
  • International Society
  • Debating Society
  • Bridge Club
  • Chess Club
  • Sign Language Club
  • Christian Union
  • Feminism Society
  • Journalism Society
  • Model United Nations
  • Global Social Leaders
  • New Views National Theatre Playwriting Programme