Housemistress: Ms Vicki Brandon

I joined College in 1996 as a Teacher of Physics. In 2007, I left to retrain as a textiles teacher and returned four years later. I now teach Engineering, Enterprise and Technology (EET) and Textiles.

Having undertaken a wide variety of pastoral roles, as a Sixth Form Tutor, a university advisor and Assistant Housemistress, I became Housemistress of Bayshill in 2014.

I live in Stroud with my husband, Mick, which provides me with first-hand experience of the daily commutes that many of our girls make!

Bayshill is the only Sixth Form Day House and around 50 girls use it as their home-from-home both for relaxation and as their base for study from 7.00am to 7.00pm. The House staff help girls to organise themselves so they are independent and ready for the next stage in their lives beyond College.

We are a vibrant and inclusive community that welcomes visitors from the boarding houses. Bayshill girls are actively involved in all aspects of College life and make a valuable contribution to the numerous academic, cultural, sporting and charitable events that occur within College and the local community. Friendships are valued and strengthened through House social events – these seem to often involve pizza!