St Clare

St Clare became College's first designated day girl house when, in 1912, a house next to the main site of College was set aside for the sole use of day students. The name fell out of use after the First World War, but St Clare has been a permanent day girl house since 1959.

The pupils in St Clare share the facilities of Eversleigh, including commons rooms, house spaces, and dining facilities, with all our Lower and Upper College day girls.

About St Clare
  • Houseparent: Mrs Julie Bacon
  • 16-18 years old
  • 3 minutes walk to College
  • Opened in 1959

From the Houseparent

"I joined College as Housemistress of St Clare in September 2018. I work closely with the other Day Housemistresses of Bellairs and Glengar, and the professional and caring staff of Eversleigh.

My husband, son and I live in Gloucestershire, and my son attends a local school.

St Clare is a warm and caring House where girls are equally valued and respected and their individuality embraced. It provides a nurturing environment where girls are encouraged and supported to develop and grow in all areas of their lives. 

It is a pleasure and privilege to work alongside the girls and support them on their journey at College. "

Mrs Julie Bacon