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LC1 trip to Gaia Art Installation at Tewkesbury Abbey
7th March 2024

Visiting the Gaia art installation combined the Geography, Religious Studies, and Art departments in a joint endeavour. The trip provided the girls with the opportunity to stop and wonder at our amazing earth whilst standing in Tewkesbury Abbey - a place steeped in history, and alive with spiritual beauty. The students seemed to love looking at the earth in this up-close way, whilst also getting some great selfies!

All LC1s had the privilege of going to Tewksbury Abbey to view the Gaia Sculpture. The sculpture suggests to the viewers that the earth is fragile, and we need to be aware of how we impact the earth.

The activities that we completed while we were at Tewksbury Abbey varied, some of us wrote poetry, some drew a picture, and others had creative ideas to present the Gaia Sculpture. In conclusion, this was a fascinating trip and we reflected on the meaning of 'Gaia' – Annika, LC1

Reverend Rosie, Acting College Chaplain