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Top US Universities Visit
16th May 2024

On Thursday 9th May, we were delighted to welcome to College admissions officers from four renowned US universities. They provided insights into student life at their respective institutions and general information on the holistic admissions process unique to the US.

This was a wonderful opportunity for pupils to learn more about the range of universities available in the US, which they may not have already considered, and to interact with representatives from these universities. Students and parents from schools in the Cheltenham Education Partnership were also in attendance, including Cheltenham College, Bournside School, Pittville School and St Edwards School.

Read on for a first-hand account from Elise (SFC1):

“We were absolutely thrilled to host admissions officers from Duke, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth and Georgetown, for an insightful presentation and Q&A session.

The event was an incredible opportunity for those students interested in the US college admissions to gain knowledge about the competitive US application process and the various opportunities available at each institution. Our guests’ presentations were informative, providing invaluable information about campus atmosphere, study abroad programs and financial aid opportunities.

Some good questions flowed from the attendees during the Q&A session, and students got a glimpse into some insider knowledge which will be valuable when crafting their applications, including extracurricular activities and essay topics. Overall, the event was a resounding success. The informed, approachable, and friendly representatives underscored the attractiveness of their respective colleges to UK applicants, and several of the students are now sporting the US college stickers that were handed out at the event.

On behalf of CLC, we extend our sincerest gratitude to the representatives for taking the time to come to Cheltenham and share their time and insight with us.”

Miss McCarthy, Global Universities Advisor