Our fees include many costs associated with providing a thorough education for girls at College, including teaching, essential educational materials and text books, and many curriculum trips.

Fees also include the provision of pastoral care, Personal Accident Insurance, meals and snacks, and many activities as part of the co-curricular and weekend programmes.

There may be further charges for external exams, some co-curricular activities, such as additional music and drama lessons, extra coaching, some curriculum trips, educational magazine subscriptions and optional insurances. Fees are charged in advance at the start of each term.

For the academic year 2018/19, the College fees are*:

£12,315 Boarding per term

£8,270 Day per term

Schedule of fees for Lower College, Upper College and current pupils moving in to Sixth Form

*Fees for new girls joining College in the Sixth Form:

£13,870 Boarding per term

£9,410 Day per term

Schedule of fees for new Sixth Form entrants