Academic Scholarships

The talents of our academic scholars are varied, with some showing aptitude across the curriculum, whilst others show outstanding ability in one area. What unites them is deep intellectual curiosity and a thirst for knowledge which encourages them to study beyond the limits of the classroom, as well as an infectious passion which benefits students around them. 

Our academic programme, in conjunction with enrichment through co-curricular activities, is designed to stretch and engage the most academically gifted girls. It consists of stimulating subject-specific activities to encourage girls to extend themselves in the areas where their passions lie.

Applications are welcomed at 11+, 12+, 13+ and 16+ and girls will take part in additional assessments as part of the application process.  For Lower College applicants, this takes place once a firm place has been offered and involves one or two days of exams, practical assessments, group and individual tasks and an interview with the Principal. For Sixth Form, girls undertake a two-day programme of written exams, subject-specific interviews, a group task and individual interview.

There is no additional form required to apply for an Academic Scholarship. To be considered, please indicate your interest on the Entrance Exam Form.