Academic Scholarships

“Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We place great value on our Academic Scholars and we have a bespoke Academic Scholarship Programme to ensure pupils develop intellectually, culturally and personally during their time with us.

Academic Scholars will be entitled to:

  • Teaching of an excellent standard that enables every scholar to make progress
  • Guidance and support to access additional resources appropriate for their learning
  • A Scholar Mentor (in addition to their Academic Tutor) who will
    • offer advice on appropriate opportunities within the Scholar Programme
    • direct pupils to opportunities to extend and deepen their academic interests and understanding, and to hone their academic skills.
    • encourage pupils to enter external academic competitions arranged by academic / professional institutions.
    • provide guidance on maintaining a balance between their academic studies and other activities.

Academic Scholars will be encouraged to attend bespoke opportunities, such as workshops, lectures or seminars, which will specifically target attributes associated with academic enrichment. In addition, Scholars will be given opportunities to improve their leadership skills, for example through developing one of the academic enrichment societies.

As such, Academic Scholars will play a full and active role in the academic life of College and strive for academic excellence across the full range of their academic subjects. As role models, Scholars will set an example to other girls through their commitment, engagement and attendance at societies, clubs and lectures, highlighting their intellectual curiosity and natural aptitude for learning.

Applications for Scholarship consideration can be made at 11+, 13+ and 16+.

The Lower College applicants who perform best on the entrance papers are invited to take part in the Scholarship assessment process. The Scholarship assessments take place at CLC in February (see our 11+ key dates page and 13+ key dates page for more information) and will involve practical assessments, group tasks and interviews. 

Sixth Form Academic Scholarship applicants should indicate their interest on the Entrance Exam Form and complete the Academic Scholarship section. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed (at College or virtually, depending on restrictions) and sit written exams in early November (see our 16+ key dates page for more information and precise dates)