Art Scholarships

Our Art Scholarships recognise creativity and passion, as well as artistic talent in a variety of forms and a range of media. Many of our Scholars continue with art throughout their time at College and go on to study art or design courses at University. 

We hold regular exhibitions in our dedicated gallery space to showcase the work of our Scholars and there are plenty of opportunities for them to visit galleries, art events and attend lectures.

Applications for an Art Scholarship on entry are considered at 13+ and 16+ and candidates will be asked to complete a small project as part of the application process. Girls who are called back should expect to take part in a timed assessment and to present a portfolio of recent work.

Girls who join College at 11+ or 12+ may be invited to apply for an internal Art Scholarship in Year 8 for transition to Year 9.

Useful documents for entry:

LC3 2023 Art Scholarship Form

SFC 2023 Art Scholarship Form