“I really love how economics is so present and applicable in our everyday lives. It gives me deeper insight into how people behave and how they respond to market incentives and government policy.” - CLC Economics student

Pupil holds up a plus sign on a small whiteboard during a economics lesson

The great economist Milton Friedman said that societies run on greed, great achievements of civilisation do not happen at Government desks, and free enterprise is the best way to improve the lives of ordinary people.

By the end of A Level Economics at College, girls will have an opinion on whether he was right, as well as many other important discussions in the news today.

Pupils learn that Economics is about choice and the impact of our choices on each other. It relates to every aspect of our lives, from the decisions we make as individuals or families to the structures created by governments and firms. The economic way of thinking helps girls to make better choices. No applied Economics lesson is the same as another, because the economy is changing, and girls' reactions in class change too.

The department hosts the fortnightly Economics Society, welcomes expert guest speakers and oversees the popular Global Social Leaders program.


Girls follow the Edexcel A Level syllabus. The subject can also be studied as part of the IB Diploma.


Head of Economics: Mr Paul Ratinckx BA

Mrs Kelly Benfield BA
Mr Robert Heale
Mr Adrian Spottiswoode BA BSc MA