Medical Health

The Medical Centre at College is at the heart of delivering the care needed to support the girls' physical and emotional health and wellbeing. We have 11 in-patient beds for girls who are unwell and they are cared for by a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during term-time. Rooms are quiet and comfortable with televisions and internet access and we have our own kitchen where freshly cooked food is served. 

The team, managed by the Head of Medical Health and Welfare, includes a Mental Health Nurse, Specialist Nurses in Travel Health and Asthma, an Emergency Nurse Practitioner, a General Nurse Practitioner as well as those with expert skills in Trauma and Resuscitation.

The Medical Centre acts as a satellite unit from locally based Overton Park Surgery and all boarders are registered as patients with them. The GPs also run a surgery in the Medical Centre five days a week for an hour and a half a day. Advice and additional services are also available outside these hours.

A full complement of immunisations, vaccinations and medications for travel are also available, as well as Flu vaccinations for those eligible. 

As part of the medical team, we have two school counsellors who girls can access in confidence or they can be referred by a member of staff, a friend or parent. The team offers CBT in addition to general counselling and can refer on to more specialist services as required.

Girls with chronic health problems are well-supported and all girls receive an annual health check with their named nurse who will arrange regular follow up visits for those who may need it.

The Medical Centre has developed excellent working relationships with local NHS and private health services, such as CYPS, Public Health England and Nuffield Health, to enhance the service we can offer to girls.

We also have a well-established team of additional practitioners including a Physiotherapist, a Massage Therapist, and a Psychotherapist specialising in CBT. 

The team in the Medical Centre is an integral part of a girl’s life at College, whether that be supporting a chronic illness, a mental health problem or just providing the care and monitoring required if she is unwell. We provide staff training and are on call for pitch side and events assistance.

We pride ourselves in delivering high standards of care and promoting the life skills required to manage all aspects of health in the future.