Glenlee was College's first purpose-built boarding house, finished in 1901. However, Glenlee was initially established in 1886 in what is now Malmaision Hotel on Bayshill Road.

Glenlee has a fascinating history, from the ichthyosaurus skeleton found while building the foundations, to its use as an American Army hospital during WW2.

Today, it is a modern boarding house, which is spacious inside and out, and the pupils take great advantage of the outdoor space, with a back garden that opens onto the College Health and Fitness Centre grounds.

Glenlee Boarding House at Cheltenham Ladies' College
About Glenlee
  • Houseparent: Mrs Ammy Davies-Potter
  • Junior House (11-16 years olds)
  • 10 minute walk to College
  • Established in 1886

From the Houseparent

“I’ve worked in boarding schools throughout my working life, as a Science and Psychology Teacher, as a House Tutor and Housemistress, and later as a Deputy Head Pastoral. I’m delighted to be Houseparent at Glenlee for the academic year 23/24.

“Glenlee is a kind and friendly house with a welcoming atmosphere. We aim to make it a home-from-home for the girls, and within the House, I work closely with the team of House Staff, catering and domestic staff to help create an environment where everyone feels supported and encouraged.

“The girls of Glenlee are a truly fun-loving community and thoroughly enjoy getting involved in everything, from inter-House competitions to the annual Glenlee Panto!”

Mrs Ammy Davies Potter, Housemistress of Glenlee

Mrs Ammy Davies-Potter


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