Glengar originally appeared in the College prospectus as a boarding house in the 1880s. The name was in intermittent use before becoming a permanent day house in 1959.

In 1984, Glengar found its permanent home at Eversleigh on Parabola Road, which accommodates common rooms and house spaces for all our days girls aged 11-16.

About Glengar
  • Houseparent: Mrs Ali Proudlock
  • 11-16 years old
  • 3 minutes walk to College
  • Opened in 1959

From the Houseparent

"As Housemistress of Glengar, I work alongside the other Eversleigh staff in Bellairs and St Clare. Having worked at College since 2010, I very much enjoy being a part of this busy and vibrant community.

Glengar is a friendly House where students are valued and encouraged to take responsibility and show compassion towards the needs of others.

Married to John, we have three children; Cicely, Hamish and Elspeth. Both daughters are alumna of Glengar where they acquired not only valuable life skills, but also friends for life.

It is my great privilege to work alongside the girls of Glengar where, with the right amount of encouragement and a real sense of fun, they develop a confidence that allows them to take an active and positive role in College life.

Glengar is proud to be a member of the Eversleigh day girl family, alongside Bellairs and St Clare. I enjoy my role and hope that the girls thrive in a caring environment where they can join enjoy a great team spirit and have a positive attitude to their responsibilities, challenges and opportunities."

Mrs Ali Proudlock