Pastoral Roles


College has been a thriving, global community since it was founded over 160 years ago. Today our 870 pupils aged between 11 and 18 years encompass 40 different nationalities and over 30 languages and come from a wide variety of backgrounds both in the UK and overseas. Over three-quarters of our pupils board across six Junior (11 to 16 years) and five Sixth Form (16 to 18 years) houses. Most houses accommodate between 60 - 70 girls although our most recently opened Sixth Form house (Roderic), which opened in September 2014, houses 20 girls. We offer occasional boarding for day pupils and have flexibility built in for our full time boarders, through set and floating exeats. However, we do not offer flexi or weekly boarding, as we believe that we benefit from the sense of community that being a full boarding school brings.

Many of our boarders will be leaving home for the first time and our house system is structured to support these new boarders to settle in quickly. This ensures that all girls have a home away from home, where they feel included, valued and part of a close-knit community. The house is a sanctuary where girls eat, sleep, play, relax and study. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and family, with girls developing a fierce house spirit which manifests itself noisily during inter-house competitions of all kinds.

Through our houses we aim to enhance and complement all other aspects of College life. In particular, we look to enable girls to:

  • grow into independent, confident adults, capable of forming mature, fulfilling relationships with family and friends;

  • develop their own moral, spiritual and social values;

  • fulfil their potential intellectually;

  • fulfil their potential in sporting, creative and other areas;

  • find opportunities to develop leadership and take on responsibility.


Each House has its own unique character, and our Housestaff join us from a wide variety of backgrounds, each bringing their own unique skills and attributes to the role. As a member of staff in one of the houses, you will join a team of between five and eight full and part-time staff, led by an experienced Houseparent and a Deputy. The full-time Housestaff in our boarding houses are residential and you will live and work alongside your colleagues, with regular scheduled time off. You are provided with your own furnished apartment within the house.

Working in a House is varied and the work you do will depend upon your particular rota and whether you are working in a Junior or Sixth Form house. Alongside the more routine jobs, such as general housekeeping and laundry (College does have a fully staffed laundry so you are not required to do all the washing!), you will be involved in things such as ensuring the girls are up and out in the morning or settled down at night, helping with weekend activities, overseeing homework or supervising meal times. For the younger girls, there is an exciting programme of activities and events to fill their time at weekends, whilst the older girls are kept busy with work, matches and rehearsals as well as having time for friends and personal relaxation. In the Sixth Form houses, your involvement with the girls will revolve more around supporting them as they prepare to take their A Level or IB examinations, as they apply to universities or in helping them to make their own decisions as they become young adults.

A significant part of your role will also involve communicating with parents – face-to-face, by email or phone and in person, as well as administrative work. Another important part of the role is to be there for the girls should they need pastoral support and guidance, encouragement or discipline.