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Don't just take our word for it that College is a great place to work, our staff think it is too.

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Martine Allen, Domestic Services

Previously a stay at home mum

"I absolutely love my role at CLC. I enjoy the variety of challenges and working in such a big team is good as we all get along brilliantly."

Claire Brocklehurst, Marketing

Joined College from University

"College has given me many opportunities over the 9 years I’ve been here. Not only have I progressed my career from Marketing Assistant up to Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, but CLC also supported me through a Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma alongside my job. However, the best thing about College and about my role here is the variety - no two days are the same and, as part of a small team, I get to be involved in a range of different projects."

Jess Darke, English

Joined College as a Graduate with a BA in English and American Literature 

"College gives me lots of support both as a member of teaching staff generally and as a graduate teacher. I have been on a number of courses on a range of topics, have regular mentoring meetings and access to a wide range of resources at my disposal. Most valuable to me though is the rest of my department who are always available for advice and armed with wonderful humour and lots of coffee."

Sam Green, Maths

Previously worked at a state school and an independent day school in London

"Having never experienced a boarding school, I was unsure what to expect. However, CLC is unusual in that the academic and boarding aspects to school life are quite separate. As an academic member of staff I have little to do with the boarding side, although you can be more involved if you choose.  There are always plenty of music, drama, sport, charity events going on too and you can choose how involved you get with these. My particular co-curricular responsibility is for an annual online code-breaking competition but there are also subject helplines and university preparation classes to contribute to."

Andrea Harrison, Catering

Joined College as a Catering Assistant, now Catering Functions Co-ordinator 

"Working at College gives me a good work/life balance.  My children are my top priority and College is very focussed on supporting the people with families who work here."

Chris Keir, Music

Joined College after 9 years in the state sector

"I was surprised how College felt like a ‘normal’ school, and how ‘normal’ the girls are.  It might sound silly, but frequently people still ask what the girls are like as though they are completely different.  I simply reply that they are just teenage girls with the same interests as any teenage girls might have!  The one major difference is their sense of pride in their school and the level of support they have for each other, which is a huge motivating factor in them wanting to do well."

Matthew Lim, Engineering, Enterprise and Technology

Joined College from a co-ed independent day school in the east of England

"If I could describe the girls in one word it would be ‘hungry’. They attend lessons expecting to learn, to be stimulated and stretched intellectually. I derive great joy and personal satisfaction from being given the trust and the latitude to deliver my teaching in different ways; to surprise, challenge and keep them on their toes. If I do something unexpected, it builds excitement and they are genuinely curious, participative and appreciative."

Karl Morris, Science Technician

Former Science teacher and Science Technician in the state sector

"College is staffed by personable friendly staff, from domestic services and porters through teaching, right up to the Principal, who surprised me by seeking me out at a staff BBQ to enquire how I was settling in. It is also great to feel appreciated with staff events, and refreshments available daily. College supports my role as a governor at my son’s school and also supports sustainable transport with a cycle scheme. This has enabled me to affordably replace my decrepit bike with a new model, whilst burning a few of the refreshments off!"

Williams Ramirez-Santos, Catering

Joined the College Catering staff as a Kitchen Assistant

"The time I have spent in College has been very fun. There is so much to learn which makes me happy as I’m a person who likes to learn.  That is the best part of my job.  I like to be challenged and to progress.

College has given me the opportunity to go from Kitchen Assistant to Chef (and hopefully to go as far as Head Chef in the future). I was surprised by how many people from different nationalities work at CLC. They all have different cooking styles which I think is good for the company."

Rachael Richardson, House Staff

Previously worked as a professional singer and a primary school teacher

"Working in a Boarding House at CLC is great fun! There is a great team spirit and I am on a team of staff who are caring, dedicated, loyal and who have the interests of the girls firmly at heart. The days are often quite busy with a variety of jobs to complete including admin tasks, laundry, tidying up, taking girls to appointments, emailing parents, and spending time with the girls and doing activities with them. Evenings are spent guiding 60+ girls through supper, prep and getting them to bed on time. Working with the girls and getting to know them is rewarding."

Rodrigo Rodrigues, Catering

Previously worked as a Cleaning Supervisor

"I like working in College. I like the team work and the training they give us – and the holidays!"

Katherine Sealey, Finance

Previously an external auditor specialising in charities and not-for-profits

"The thing that surprised me most about College is the level of active involvement that is encouraged between all departments and the girls. I haven’t just been hidden away in the finance office plugging numbers into a spreadsheet. I have taken part in Prayers, staff vs. student sports day, a networking dinner and assisting entrepreneur student teams with finances. 

"I have been able to adapt my role to match my skill set and interests, if there are certain projects that I am interested in undertaking I have been supported in fitting these in alongside my role. As a result of this my job is never monotonous and I have developed many important soft skills, as well as technical knowledge."

Jo Stewart, Administration

Previously worked as a PA and an Area Sales Manager

"College to me was always a bit of an enigma – it’s somewhere I used to drive by daily and never understood. Any preconceptions of it being stuffy and old fashioned were completely wrong. It is forward thinking, modern and fascinating. I’m proud to work here and there is a real sense of community and camaraderie. There are opportunities at every stage should you look for them and every day is different."

Jane Williams, Biology

Joined College after working at a large mixed state school in Manchester

"My first few weeks were exciting whilst getting used to a whole different way of working – the language, how the day runs and some of the traditions like Prayers. College is very forward-looking and constantly changing with the times. It is very up-to date-in educational policies and the way that classrooms are run.  Leadership are forward thinking too. I expected a traditional approach in the classroom but different styles are very accepted and trying new things encouraged."

Linda Williams, Catering and Domestics

Previously a Carer

"First of all I thought “what have I let myself in for?” because it was so different from my previous job. However after I settled in, I knew it was the job for me.  The are staff a lovely, a really nice bunch. I thought CLC had a bit of a reputation for being a bit stuffy, however, I wouldn’t still be here after 18 years if that was the case!  The years have flown by and I’ve loved every minute of it. College is considerate to its staff. There are opportunities to expand, gain experience and move to better things.  I have so many certificates now – Health and Safety, First Aid, Fire, Cash, Allergies – what more could I want."

Zoe Wragg-Smith, Housemistress

Joined College with experience of state schools, a boarding school and had previously worked in the Prison Service

"One of things I love about working in a house at CLC are that many of us who work in the Houses do not have large teaching roles in College, which means we get to know the girls in a home environment. I was surprised that I had set hours! In my last role in a boarding house I was always on duty. I managed to have little bits of time off, but it has been good having specific hours and to be able to plan things outside of work."

Niki Young, Administration

Previously worked as an Administrator in a Sixth Form College

"College treats you very well and fairly and is an understanding employer. Development is encouraged, both in your role and upwards.  There are many perks, including food, sports facilities, staff parties and access to events, etc. When I first started, I thought I’d give it a year. I’ve been here almost 9 years now!"