“Art, like language, has a structure, a pattern, a syntax. This can be an unpopular view in our currently individualistic, pluralist and Babel-like culture, but the common strands in visual experience can be taught and learnt.” - Mark Cheverton

This thriving department in the Fauconberg Wing has dedicated studio spaces, facilities for sculpture, a large printmaking studio, textiles rooms, art library and traditional photography darkroom.

Studios are open after school to allow students time to develop their work and use specialist facilities. The department also runs a range of clubs and workshops, including Photography Club, LC Art Club and Life Drawing (SFC).

There is a dedicated programme for Art Scholars, including talks from visiting artists, trips to galleries, as well as workshops to enhance their experience.

Every year the department runs a series of day and residential trips. These have included visits to: the Royal Academy of Arts, the BP Portrait Award, Paris, Kew Gardens, the British Museum and the Tate Modern.


In LC1 and LC2 all students study Art and Design. They have the opportunity to explore different approaches to media in order to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the visual arts.

In LC3 students opt to study Art and Design. College provides an exciting curriculum to broaden girls' understanding, as well as to develop more advanced skills in different areas, including painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography. There is a strong emphasis on skilful and purposeful recording and experimenting.


GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art

The AQA GCSE course encourages girls to work with a range of media, including printmaking, painting, and photography, whilst building upon a strong base of recording. Students have the opportunity to develop their own ideas through a structured approach.


IB: Visual Arts

Each of the three components of the specification has a strong emphasis on the IB learner profile and students are encouraged to approach the subject with independence and enquiry. They can work across disciplines, including photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles and 3D.

Emphasis is on the process of creating art alongside in-depth critical analysis, with more resolved exhibition outcomes created during the final year.

A Level: Fine Art

The OCR A Level Course encourages students to develop skills and ideas to a mature level, building on GCSE experiences. Allocated studio space enables students to develop their work through sustained and skilful recording, experimentation and research. 


Head of Art: Mrs Deborah Coulson BA

Miss Hannah Ellis BA
Mrs Liz Freedman BA
Mrs Alex Roberts BA
Ms Karen Whitehead BA

Art Technicians

Mr Christopher Gray BA
Miss Hannah Ellis BA