Housemistress: Miss Gabriella Archer

I joined CLC in June 2020 as Deputy Housemistress in Cambray and joined Beale as Housemistress in the Autumn Term of 2021. Previously, I have been a teacher of Classics, a hockey and netball coach, and the resident in a sixth form boarding house.  

During half terms and holidays, I enjoy travelling around Europe and meeting up with good friends over good food.

Beale is a vibrant and friendly environment where every pupil is allowed to develop and flourish as an individual. The girls enjoy more freedom in Sixth Form, but also have more responsibility, and this allows them to develop and start to learn those crucial skills for life beyond CLC. 

Together with our dedicated team of staff who are here to support all our students through their time in SFC, we would be delighted to welcome you into Beale, a welcoming and supportive home from home for everyone who lives here.