St Margaret's

St Margaret's, or "St Mag's" as it is affectionally known, is the furthest junior house from the main College teaching campus. Although established a few years earlier, the building St Mag's occupies today was purpose-built in the mid-1920s. At the time, the new occupants remarked on the electric light as "one of our great delights".

Over the years, St Mag's has undergone a number of refurbishments, including new furnishings and most recently the renovation of sash windows throughout the building.

St Margaret's boarding house at Cheltenham Ladies' College
About St Margaret's
  • Houseparent: Mrs Belinda Hoskins
  • 11-16 years old
  • 12 minutes walk to College
  • Established in 1913

From the Houseparent

"I joined College in 2017 having worked for over 25 years in several boarding schools in the South West. It is a privilege to support the girls in all areas during their time here at CLC.

"I am ably assisted in House by a committed House Staff team who contribute, with energy and enthusiasm, to supporting the differing needs of the girls. We also have wonderful Catering and Domestic teams who are greatly valued too.

"In St Margaret's, we strive to create an atmosphere in which all are respected and valued for their contribution to our community. The girls are driven and purposeful, and they are great fun and supportive of each other; they make this a happy place in which to live and work."

Mrs Belinda Hoskins, Houseparent of St Margaret's boarding house

Mrs Belinda Hoskins


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